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About Us

ROBOWORK - Solutions and Service

ROBOWORK has the concern to satisfy all types of businesses and individuals in the context of Industrial Robotics, in particular in the field of robotics training, technical service and differentiating products for application in robots. Headquartered in Aveiro, ROBOWORK has a training center able to ensure the best environment for its trainees, as well as a technical team with extensive experience in industrial robotics.


We design robotics solutions for all types of applications
" We design robotics solutions for all types of applications


Robowork is a company certified according to the ISO9001: 2015 standard, ensuring through successive audits that the management rigor of its most varied work processes is in accordance with the best management practices and the commitment to continuous improvement.


Robowork is also certified by DGERT, for the areas of Automation and Electronics. This certification helps us to teach our various industrial robotics courses through the most correct pedagogical practices, as well as the quality and rigor of the training in relation to the proposed training programs.

We have the necessary resources for a complete training in industrial robotics, regardless of your application area. All courses have a very high practical component, ensuring that the trainees at the end of the training are fully confident to work with robots.


Robowork thus guides its action in the systematic pursuit of customer satisfaction and other interested parties, while respecting compliance with legislation and customer requirements. This action will be processed through a practice of continuous improvement, strengthening its capacity for innovation in terms of design, flexibility, compliance with deadlines and established quality levels, in order to obtain the appropriate projected economic results. Management will also ensure compliance with the recommendations and legal requirements promulgated by the Directorate and General for Employment and Labor Relations (DGERT).

Management delegates to the person in charge of the Quality Department, as its representative, the responsibility to ensure that the Management System described in this Site is respected, applied and evaluated its performance regularly, in order to promote its continuous improvement.

All Robowork employees must contribute to the implementation of all the principles and guidelines established in this Site.