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ACF - Active Contact Flange

6 times more load capacity and higher material removal rate

The solution for robotic finishing applications.

Multi-functionsl end-of-arm tool for any Industrial Robot

Our ACF technology instantly automates jobs with a high demand for sensitivity and flexibility. It guarantees extremely short cycle times and radical economic ROI, even with delicate applications. The ACF automates problematic handcraft and guarantees high standards of quality. It controls every robot. This even makes retrofitting unbelievably easy and persuasive.


  • 01
    Surface treatment
    Grinding, polishing, cleaning, laminating, stripping, brushing, deburring, pressing
  • 02
    All types of material
    Steel, aluminum, titanium, magnesium, carbon, plastic, wood, ceramics, coconut fiber, stone
  • 03
    Contact-sensitive handling
    Pick&place, inserting, adhering, joining, packing, quality control, pressing, component testing, mounting


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